Actions Taken:

  • Accepted reports from staff for the 2016 Reconstruction and Overlay projects (Unanimous)
  • Directed staff to move forward with plans and specifications for 4th Ave/Shenandoah road projects (Unanimous)
  • Directed staff to advertise for bids for Quarry Lake Park not to exceed $1.8 million. This action eliminates for now the Community Building and amenities in the park. Emerson Rosemount had pledged to donate $500,000 toward construction of the building. (3-2 vote with Lehman and Luce in dissent)
  • Established a temporary Skate Park at Westminster Park during CC2.0 construction and allocated funds for rebuilding. (4-1 vote with Luce in dissent)
  • Authorized a grant application and lighting improvement study for downtown Shakopee. (Unanimous)
  • Authorized removal of Memorial Park bridge (Unanimous)
  • Held a workshop with developers on higher density housing in Shakopee. (No votes taken.)

You can watch all of the City Council and Economic Development Authority meetings at

Note from Brad on Quarry Lake Park

The Community Building would cost $2.07 million ($500,000 from Emerson), provide bathrooms and amenities for the park, and generate revenue through rentals and group functions. With development in 2016, over $3 million in Park Dedication fees will be paid into the fund leaving a balance of well over $5 million. This money is paid by developers into a fund specifically for park building and renovation.

I feel it is extremely unfortunate Shakopee City Council chose to not even request pricing for the building because it is integral to the park functions and we have the money to pay for it.

Council has until March before the $500,000 donation expires. You can use UNS’s new Contact Council button to let all of council know your opinion with a simple form.

-Brad Tabke

Quarry Lake Building

Meeting Preview Post

Tonight’s Shakopee City Council meeting has a packed agenda. There are a lot of controversial items on the agenda and it will fascinating to see how Mayor Mars handles the balance of power.

See all 261 pages of the packet below. The EDA packet begins on page 201. Click here to use this nifty new form (found under the Contact menu item above) and contact all of your council members to let them know your opinion.

Items of interest:

2016 Shakopee Road Reconstruction area

  • Receives reports for 2016 Road Overlay Projects

2016 Overlay Projects

4th x shenandoah

ice arena scoreboard

Quarry Lake Building


  • Council will also discuss Council/Mayor Pay – any changes wouldn’t take effect until January of 2018 or 2019.