UPDATE 2/1/16

Thank you so much for your support of Uniquely Shakopee News! I have really enjoyed this project but as of February 1, 2016 am putting a halt to all but The #Shakopee Podcast. Hopefully, I will return to this project later in the year.

Brad Tabke


Welcome to Uniquely Shakopee News!!!

There is a lot going on in #Shakopee. A lot to keep up with, a lot to filter and a lot to process.

As Mayor, I worked to keep #Shakopee residents informed about what is happening in our community and communicate with residents wherever they most conveniently consume their news. This could be on Facebook waiting to pick kids up from practice,Twitter while you are riding the bus to work or in emails before you head to bed at night.

One of the main things I have heard since announcing I wasn’t going to run for re-election was that people would miss their updates and news about #Shakopee.

That gave me the bright idea to keep it going and continue to share #Shakopee news with you in a weekly email. That news will be curated from other sources, posts from government agencies or press releases from #Shakopee non-profits and businesses.

All of the news we share will be unique to Shakopee and directly pertinent to your life. I will try and keep it as ‘straight-up news’ as possible so you can draw your own conclusions and connections between the stories of our community.

Have a great day!


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